Our approach is based on the use of the image as a therapeutic tool within a specific videotherapy setting.

Starting from methods derived from visual anthropology, from participatory and performative documentaries and from amateur self-narration, the audiovisual storytelling is placed into the domestic or medical environment of the patient not only as a non-verbal expression of the self, but also and above all as a starting point for change for the individual and the family.


Videotherapy is based on the use of audiovisual recording tools with documentary and representative purposes according to the chosen therapeutic plan. This technique, based primarily on the process of viewing and reviewing images of him/herself, places the patient in a spectatorial position while keeping him or her at the center of the therapeutic process.


Therapeutic filmmaking encourages the acquisition of an active and creative role by the patient through a learning by doing approach. The participants use cameras and microphones, changing their position, from a consumer in the phases of reception-administration of the videos to active creator, during the phase of creation-production-editing of the materials.